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Konfig makes it easy for you to onboard external developers. Easily publish SDKs in all major languages so your customers can quickly integrate your API.

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OpenAPI SpecificationPostman
OpenAPI Specification and Postman Support
Easily import an OpenAPI Specification or Postman Collection and Konfig automatically generates and publishes SDKs with no further work from you
Any time you publish a change to your spec, we automatically update and republish all of your SDKs
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Get SDKs in any language

Konfig supports all major languages so your customers can easily integrate with your API no matter the stack they use
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Ensure high quality SDKs

Konfig's linter catches errors in your OpenAPI Specification before they can reach your customers and cause confusion
Konfig writes test cases for every SDK to ensure any API updatewon't break the SDKs your customers are using

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SDK maintenance is time consuming, especially across multiple languages, and slows down our product delivery. Konfig help removes this pain point in a way that doesn't require behaviour change on our part—using our existing OpenAPI spec and integrating seamlessly into our existing CI/CD.- Peter Hayes, Co-Founder & CTO, Humanloop
A lot of the SDK's are in languages that our team is not super well versed in. In order to write these by hand we would have to learn the language syntax and spend hours compiling, debugging and reworking code. This process is so much easier and faster.- Alex Sutherland, Back End Developer, SnapTrade

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